This is just a quick piece I’ve done, it’s also a bit dark but hey, what can you do….

I don’t think this one is going on display, even if it wasn’t so dark, I’m not very proud of it. His whole body looks awful

No progress photos on this building because I got it all done in one evening, this is a building that again doesn’t look exactly how I wanted, but is definitely satisfactory. You probably won’t be able to see the street side of this building anymore once I add houses on the other side of the street, so enjoy the view!

I really don’t like how this looks but I’m definitely leaving it in. PRogress…

(Source: maze-of-pines)

I started making these decorative lampposts but after a while I realised I didn’t like how they looked on the bridge, so I’m going to put these aside for something else and make some new lampposts to light up the bridge.

I’m finally getting started on the other side of the river, having taken a long break on this piece. This is a stand-alone house that will stand by the entrance to the bridge.

more modified chess pieces