I have been neglecting to upload things that I’ve made whilst out and about, which has been a lot, so I’ll post all of the old stuff I have to a queue

I have now baked this, so I’m going to give it to the person I made it for

Cthulhu Vs Swarm Of Ducks

Fully assembled, and ready for the oven!

YEs, yes that is a cthulhu being attacked by ducks

Part 2 of the clay project


This is made from oven-bake clay, and is the first half of something that I’ve been working on all afternoon. Hopefully I’ll bring you the second half by tomorrow, and then the finished, baked version the day after!


This is inspired loosely by pictures of Petra in Jordan, and Goblin Town from The Hobbit, but it is largely my own creation.

I apologise for the lack of updates these last few weeks, but I’ve got a bunch of exciting new projects that I’m going to upload over the next few days 

I made a new bridge with lots of greenery around it….. well, because I want to

Again, not quite sure what this is, it’s some kind of alien tank think with insect legs, but who cares, it looks cool!

This piece is not meant to be particluary elaborate but I like it all the same, it seems quite…. desolate in a way.