Tower block

House On A Mountain

working on the second part of the walkway

Here’s the house on the mountain, as well as the beginnings of the walkway that will lead to it. I also filled up the bottom part of the piece with “water” to signify the lake.

The house atop the mountain

House (to go on the top of the mountains)

I wanted to make a house that looked rustic and rickety, so it would seem fragile but nonetheless homely and welcoming. I think I managed that, especially with the red roof.

Update on the mountain project

I forgot to take many progress photos, so here’s the mountain project when it’s half finished. I’m still working on this so expect more photos soon

The base of this new model

Here I’ve drawn a very rough ( and I mean VERY rough) plan for a new project. This will be quite a labour intensive one but I am envisioning something that I’ll like quite a lot. I’ll try to post updates on this

Sooooo, I made this zombie, and I thought he looked really good, but he refuses to stand up. So I tried positioning him lying down, but he just looked tremendously stupid and his arms kept collapsing, so I decided to just take photos of him and wipe him out of existence, rather than keeping him. Cherish these photos, they are the only evidence left that this model ever existed!

Apologies for the lack of updates (AGAIN) but I will try to get back on top of ruining this blog. I have a bunch of exciting projects that I’m working on, but here’s one I did on a rainy afternoon. Material is Sculpey baking clay, and working time was about an hour.

My mind has been a very dark place recently, so I’ve been making things like this :S